Principal’s Desk

“Education is the transmission of civilization”

“ Education is the transmission of civilization ”

Mrs. Jyoti Kakria  ( M.A M.Ed )

To impart quality education to the young generation so that the children may develop their personality and individuality to the fullest. To evoke enthusiasm and kindle the flame of knowledge among young minds helping them to grow in a manner conducive to the environment.

Our aim is to provide state of the art academic environment that gives not only education but over all development of the child. To provide highest quality of education in a safe, secure and nurturing environment with a perfect blend of academics, sports, art, craft, music, dance, skating and yoga.

The teaching methodology incorporates a student centered and interactive system of learning. Our curriculum is an integration of the best teaching approach that aims at ensuring clarity of concepts so as to drive students towards perfection.

A well stocked library with rich collection of books and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math. Besides Audio-Visual Room is provided to make teaching learning process more productive and lively. The close student – teacher student relationship is an important part of the educational experience at our school. Teachers do not just teach but they also mentor students, assist them in their major areas of study by planning their academic schedule.

Every child is unique mix of intelligence, interests, inclinations and preferences; Personalizing instruction therefore is a need, not a luxury. So, our school ensures students emotional growth along with intellectual excellence which will empower them to develop their self esteem, self awareness and self confidence, Sharing ideas, analyzing situations and expressing them confidently are the essential skills which will be honed here.