Children retain more when they can see, hear, smell, touch and experience situations rather than just absorbing facts from text books. Our school creates rich learning experiences, which are planned to reach specific education goals facilitated by encouraging teachers. Each child becomes an active explorer engaging his / her learning experience.
New and innovative method of teaching through computers and communication technology is implemented. Classrooms are revolutionized and no longer confined to chalk and board. Smart board which is also referred to as white board has been introduced that helps the student to learn in an interactive manner. Learning ensures that children get the opportunity to explore, take responsibility and become smart thinkers.


CCE is introduced to encourage development and recognition of the child’s non-formal ways of excelling. CCE format is more activity oriented with thrust on co- curricular and sports and shifts the focus from rote learning to learning by doing.
Learning is an ongoing process and our curriculum lays emphasis on this, through its innovative assessment and recognition of continuous effort rather than only the final examinations.

Evaluation Method: Students of Nursery to Grade 2 are evaluated on weekly Test Method. The whole academic session is divided into two Terms
First Term:- Weekly Test 1 + Weekly Test 2
Second Term:- Weekly Test 3 + Weekly Test 4

For Grade 3 onwards Evaluation is done on the performance in Formative and summative assessments.
* First Term:- FA 1 [10%] + FA 2 [10%] + SA 1 [30%] = 50%
* Second Term:- FA 3 [10%] + FA 4 [10%] + SA 2 [30%] = 50%
* Formative Assessments:- (FA) 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 40%
* Summative Assessments:-(SA) 1 + 2 = 60%
* Students must obtain the Qualifying grade (minimum grade D) in all the subjects.
* Promotion is base on the day to day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in Formative and summative assessments.

Our Curriculum is based on clearly defined learning outcomes which is grade level appropriate and properly sequenced. The aim behind this is to help children to develop the skills they need in life, rather than only acquire the knowledge.


The modern school education works on professionalism. Now the teachers are specialized in specific aspects and subjects and are domain experts.

Teachers do not just teach, but they also mentor students, assisting them in planning their major areas of study and their academic schedule. Teachers even promote multiple paths needed to teach the concept that helps to explore different themes.